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The Village of Lancaster provides a host of services to residents. Below is a list of these services and ways to contact the departments that handle the services.


The Village of Lancaster maintains three separate sign locations that are available for advertisement of Village events and also events of community interest. There are signs designed for 4'X 8' signs at Fireman's Park on Pleasant Avenue and North Aurora and at the Girl Scout Garden at Central Avenue and Broadway (pictured right). Additionally there is a banner location that holds a 2' X 22' double sided banner that spans Central Avenue at Pleasant Ave.

Each of these sign locations are available for community reservation on a "first come, first serve" basis by contacting (716)683-2105. Lancaster Village Events take precedence in scheduling. The following are rules for signs for the Girl Scout Garden and Fireman's Parks.

  • Sign must by 4'X8' and made of 5/8" or 3/4" material.
  • Lettering on sign should be lengthwise.
  • Sign must be supplied by applicant to the Department of Public Works offices at 5200 Broadway no later than the Friday prior to the week reserved.
  • Sign must be picked up within 48 hours after it has been removed from display.
  • The Village will not be held responsible for any sign left on Village premises for longer than 48 hours when not in use.

Trash, Leaf and Limb Pick-up

Trash Pick-up - For any questions on what is acceptable and unacceptable waste or any other questions concerning refuse, garbage, trash, or recycling please contact Waste Management at  716-496-5000.

Leaf Pick-up -During the fall, the Village provides weekly leaf collection service.  The collections begin on the first Monday of October and continue through the first Friday in December.  There will be no leaf collection provided on Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day or the Friday after Thanksgiving, all of which are Village holidays.

Please call the
Department of Public Works at (716)683-1028 to determine the collection day for your street.  Leaf collection will be performed on your street the same day of the week throughout the collection season.

To have leaves picked up by the vacuum leaf loader, there are a few simple rules Village residents should follow:

Rake your leaves into the grass plot between your sidewalk and the street or, if you have no median, rake them into the gutter.   You should do this the day before the collection. Leaves may also be bagged or put in garbage cans for pickup by the garbage collection company.

The leaf crew cannot return until the following week if your leaves are not out on time.

Village crews cannot collect leaves from private property or from alleys.

Remove all cans, bottles, sticks, toys and debris from your piles of leaves.  These items can cause very expensive damage to the Village's equipment.  Please remove parked cars from the path of the leaf vacuum.  It is very difficult to collect piles of leaves from between parked cars.

Your Cooperation and Assistance Will be Appreciated.

Brush and Limb Pick-up - The Department of Public Works picks up and chips all brush that will fit into the machine on a monthly basis, generally starting the first Tuesday of each month. This recurring schedule permits the department to perform other scheduled tasks without interruption.

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